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Hazel Leys Academy

Reception-Andreae Class

Across our Early Years unit at Hazel Leys Academy, we cherish childhood and want ALL children to be happy, to enjoy nursery/school and love their learning! We strive to create an engaging and practical learning environment that fulfils all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, where children can learn through their interests and develop the skills that will help them in school and beyond! Our shared values will guide children in their decision making and underpin their moral development in school. 

Please see our Early Years Rationale which clearly outlines our curriculum intention, implementation and impact. 

Values at Hazel Leys 


At Hazel Leys, we have core value of respect starts in Nursery and continue all the way to year 6. We believe that children should learn how to respect themselves, through emotional regulation, perseverance and praise. Knowing what they want to achieve and setting out to do it is a great mindset which we encourage all children to aspire to. The children are expected to respect the environment around them by handling resources carefully and working as a team to during tidy up time. Finally, through a strong sense of respect for yourself this can be shared with the people around you. Building positive relationships with staff and pupils ensures that all children show respect to each other through kindness and consideration to everyone they come across.  

Reception staff 

Miss Wareing (Reception teacher/Early Years Lead) 

Miss Witton (EYFS assistant) 

Mrs Pritchard (EYFS assistant) 

Learning this term 

Please see our newsletters which outline the learning and activities we do in all areas of the early years curriculum. 



At Hazel Leys, we use the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised scheme which is a complete systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) developed for schools by schools. It provides a complete teaching programme meeting all the expectations of the National Curriculum and preparing children to go beyond the expectations of the Phonics Screening Check. 

The children in reception are encouraged to apply their developing phonics knowledge during independent and adult guided writing tasks. Children are also building up a bank of high frequency words that they can recognise by sight. This supports them with their reading fluency and sentence writing. 


The children in reception will be given a Big Cat Collins reading book which matches their continuing phonological awareness. Children will read with staff 3 times a weeks which each read having a different focus; decoding, prosody and comprehension. In addition to this, children will be able to choose a story book each Friday to take home as their ‘Reading for Pleasure’ book. 

Useful links to use at home 











Please ask a member of staff if you need help with your log in information for Big Cat Collins 


Mead Primary: Evidence me parent postcard

In reception, we believe that creating strong links between home and school is essential for our children’s educational experience. Staff use an observational tool called Evidence Me to share purposeful and significant learning experiences with families. Families are also encouraged to share experiences that the children have outside of school which can be shared and celebrated with the other children and staff. 

Please see a member of staff if you need any support with Evidence Me.  

Reception Curriculum 

At Hazel Leys Academy, we aim to provide all pupils with a stimulating and inclusive educational environment in which everyone feels safe, respected and supported to grow and develop to their full potential. 

Our purposeful curriculum is therefore designed to give children the entitlement to: 

  • Knowledge - develop a rich and deep subject knowledge 

  • Skills - secure basic skills in reading, writing and maths 

  • Enrichment - develop new skills and independence through a variety of contexts and enrichment experiences 

  • Culture - provide a cultural, arts and sporting programme 

  • Aspiration - be curious learners - experiencing the engagement in, challenge and enjoyment of learning 

  • Diversity - gain an understanding of fundamental British Values to inform their own moral code 

Please see our three-year curriculum cycle and this years long term plan which outlines curriculum coverage in more detail. 



We hope you find the online version easy to access. If you require a paper copy please do not hesitate to ask the academy office.


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