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  • Book Fair - Monday 14th to Thursday 17th October

    Published 14/10/19

    Book Fair will be held each day from 3.15pm to 4.00pm in the school hall. 
    Children from Reception to Year 6 will be given £5.00 voucher to buy a book.

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  • Parent Consultations

    Published 08/10/19

    Please make an appointment with the class teacher                                                                                           

    Year 1 - Wednesday 16th October - 3.30pm to 5.40pm
                  Thursday 17th October - 1.30pm to 5.40pm
                  Wednesday 23rd October - 3.30pm to 5.40pm
    Year 2 - Wednesday 16th  and Thursday 17th October - 3.30pm to 5.00pm
                  Tuesday 22nd October - 3.30pm to 5.00pm
                  Wednesday 23rd October - 3.30pm to 4.30pm

    Year 3 to Year 6 - Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October - 3.30pm to 5.30pm

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  • YR 5 Everdon Outdoor Centre Visit - Wednesday 16th October

    Published 06/10/19

    We have arranged for Year 5 to visit Everdon Outdoor Learning Centre on Wednesday 16th October.  They will be doing a ‘River Study’.  Using a variety of methods, the children will find out about the physical geography of the river.  Working scientifically, they will gather data about the speed of flow, the cross section of the river and the invertebrates that inhabit it.

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  • YR 1 & YR 2 - Visit to see 'One Small Step' at Corby Cube - Wednesday 16th October

    Published 06/10/19

    We have organised a trip to The Core at Corby Cube for Years 1 and 2 to see the live stage show recounting the race to send the first man to the moon.

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  • YR 1 & YR 2 - Trip to Rockingham Castle - Tuesday 8th October

    Published 05/10/19

    We have organised a fantastic trip to Rockingham Castle for our Year 1 & 2 children to enrich their learning on ‘A Knight in Shining Armour’ this term. 

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  • Reception visit to Corby Cube to see The Tiger Who Came To Tea - Friday 4th October

    Published 04/10/19

    We have organised a trip to The Core at Corby Cube for Reception Class to see the live stage version of Judith Kerr’s popular and much loved book – ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’.

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  • Parent Reading Information Event - Friday 4th October - 2.45pm

    Published 03/10/19

    How is my child taught to read?

    What activities can I share with my child at home to encourage them to read?

    What does the Reading Scheme mean for my child?

    Relevant for the Whole School

    For the answers to these and many more questions please come to our Reading Information Event on Friday 4th October at 2.45pm in the school hall.

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  • European Day of Languages - Thursday 26th September

    Published 20/09/19

    Thursday 26th September is European Day of Languages.  Each class has been assigned a European Country and they will spend the day finding out about the history of the country and the geographical location, etc.

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  • International Day - Thursday 26th September

    Published 19/09/19

    On Thursday 26th September we will be helping Hazel Leys Academy celebrate International Day by providing a special lunch.

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  • Sports Week - 16th to 20th September

    Published 17/09/19

    The children and whole school staff team have been placed into four houses, Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The children and staff will have the opportunity to earn points in the form of tokens for their house team. The competitions and challenges set will encompass the whole curriculum and not just sport, however we will be using the tokens as a way to increase physical activity across the school day. Each term there will be family/ home challenges where you can get involved too.

    The children may wear their PE kit all week. Once the children have been informed of their house they may wear house coloured clothing or accessories for sports week only! We are not expecting anyone to purchase anything specially for this however your child may already have their house colour t-shirt, socks or hair accessories already.

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  • Medieval Day - Year 1 and 2 - Monday 9th September

    Published 09/09/19

    Monday 9th September – Year 1 and year 2 Medieval Day. It will be great to see your child dressed in traditional medieval wear. 

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  • 2019 -2020 Term Dates - Updated

    Published 05/09/19

    The new and updated 2019-2020 term dates are now available on our website.The update is to reflect the change of day for the end of Term 4 and the May 2020 bank holiday! 

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